Fictitious Trade Names

 A Fictitious Trade Name is required if a business is conducted in Virginia under a name other than the owner’s legal name. No person, partnership, limited liability company or corporation may conduct or transact business in the Commonwealth under any assumed or fictitious name until they file a certificate in the Office of the Clerk of Commission pursuant to §59.1-69 of the Code of Virginia.  

***As of January 1, 2020, the Clerk’s Office of the State Corporation Commission is the central filing office in Virginia for ALL Certificates of Assumed or Fictitious Name. The Circuit Court Clerk’s Office will ONLY be filing Certificate of Release of Assumed or Fictitious Trade Names that were previously filed in our office.***

Registering a Fictitious Trade Name

All forms and instructions for filing a fictitious trade name can be found on the Commonwealth of Virginia State Corporation Commission  website. 

After completing the form, you may go to to record/register your trade name. 

Releasing a Fictitious Trade Name 

If you have previously filed a fictitious trade name in our office and would like to release it you must:

  1. Complete the Certificate of Release of Assumed or Fictitious Name form (which can also be provided to you in our office). Please wait to sign form in front of a notary or someone in our office.
  2. Record/File the release in our office.

   The filing fee for a Release of Assumed or Fictitious Trade Name is $10.00 cash or check only.  

If your trade name was filed with the Commission and you would like to release it, you will need to complete the Certificate of Release of Assumed or Fictitious Name on File with the Commission form, and file it with the State Corporation Commission’s Clerk Office.