Identifying a Business Site

When trying to identify an ideal site for your business, it may be beneficial to work with a real estate agent. The King George Department of Economic Development can also assist by identifying possible locations / areas in the county that are conducive to your business operation.

Department of Zoning

Once you have identified a site, but before leasing or constructing a new building, contact the Department of Zoning to obtain zoning information on special requirements, building code regulations, permits, etc. The County's zoning ordinance is located online. The county created the King George County Development Guide to provide information and assistance when building or expanding on property in the county. This guide should not be considered a replacement or substitute for the county building codes and zoning regulations. A copy of this guide can be found online.

Home Businesses

If you are interested in operating the business out of your home, contact the Department of Community Development to ensure that you are eligible to operate your particular business out of your home and what, if any, restrictions might be in place. You will need to complete a Home Occupation Application.


It is important that you collect this information before signing a lease or purchasing property, to ensure the location you choose allows your type of business.