Rates, Billing & Payment


Usage FeesWater up to 10,000$6.17
Usage FeesWater above to 10,000$7.04
Usage FeesWater Debt Service$44.45
Usage FeesWastewater up to 10,000$14.39
Usage FeesWastewater above to 10,000$15.64
Usage FeesWastewater Debt Service$72.57
Usage FeesCapital Reserve$2.48
Minimum Bi-Monthly Residential BillMinimum Bi-Monthly Residential Bill based on 3,000$181.18
Average Bi-Monthly Residential BillAverage Bi-Monthly Residential Bill$321.06
Bulk Water SalesVehicles up to 3,000$48.03
Bulk Water SalesVehicles over 3,000$26.83
Bulk Water SalesPer 1,000$8.01
Unusual Wastewater FeeUnusual Wastewater Fee$32.32
Septic Disposal RateSeptic Disposal Rate$68.95
New Utility Account DepositWater/Sewer $250
New Utility Account DepositWater$125
New Utility Account DepositSewer$125
Tampering FeeTampering Fee$250
Unmetered Connection Bi-Monthly BillWater/Sewer based on 10,000$321.06
Unmetered Connection Bi-Monthly BillWater based on 10,000$104.59
Unmetered Connection Bi-Monthly BillWastewater based on 10,000$218.95
Fire Suppression Availability FeeWater Availability$3,531
Fire Suppression Availability FeeWater Debt Fee$3969


Billing is provided by MuniBilling and sent every other month to customers. Billing questions can be directed to MuniBilling at 1-877-210-9274 or kinggeorge@munibilling.com.


  1. Mail check to 
    Munibilling Full Service East Coast 
    P.O. Box 603557 
    Charlotte, NC 28260 
  2. Online banking  
  3. E-check 
    $0.60 convenience fee 
  4. Credit card by phone or online 
    $0.01- $50.00 will pay a $1.49 convenience fee 
    $50.01 - $100.00 will pay a $2.94 convenience fee 
    $100.01 - $150.00 will pay a $4.39 convenience fee 
    $150.01 - $200.00 will pay a $5.84 convenience fee 
    $200.01 - $5,000.00 will pay a 2.99% convenience fee