How do I renew an item online?

To renew your items, you must first login to your account using the Account Login button at the bottom of the page.  

Once you are logged in, select Loans under Quick View OR select Current Loans under Account Summary.

Select the box next to the item you wish to renew. You may select all of the items by selecting the box next to the word Title.

When satisfied, select Renew.

A box then will appear stating that the item(s) have been renewed.

If you have already renewed the item(s) once or an item is on hold for another patron, you will receive a message stating "One or more items cannot be renewed, please check with the Circulation Desk."

If you have fines on the account, you will not be able to renew your items until the fine has been cleared.

If you have questions about renewing your items, then please contact the Circulation Desk at 775-2147 or at

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