Surplus Efforts

King George County, King George County Service Authority and King George County Schools make every reasonable effort to reallocate, reuse, or recycle surplus equipment and vehicles, to minimize the impact on both the tax payer and the landfill. Surplus vehicles and equipment are first offered to King George County Departments and Schools for use in their operations. Equipment and vehicles that are not reallocated for continued use within the King George County government/schools are sold to the public.

Method of Sale

Visit the online public auction Public Surplus website.  If page is blank, that means we have no surplus items for sale.


Surplus Property Sold "As-Is"

  • Buyer is taking the Property, "As-Is," without any warranties or representations from King George County or King George County Schools or of its supervisors, employees, agents or representatives of any kind ("county/schools"); and
  • Buyer has had sufficient opportunity to fully examine the Property and/or seek legal advice; and
  • Buyer shall comply with all laws in taking possession of the property; and
  • County/Schools make no warranty, guarantee or representation, expressed or implied, of any type or nature, that the Property being sold is in good condition or merchantable or suitable for any purpose whatsoever; and
  • County/Schools are selling the Property "As-Is" and it may not be suitable for the original purpose for which it was intended or for any purpose whatsoever; and
  • Buyer hereby waives, releases and forever discharges county/schools from any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, expenses, and causes of action of every nature and kind arising out of or relating in any way to use of the Property; and
  • Buyer agrees to indemnify and hold county/schools harmless from any and all personal and bodily injuries, death and property damage, and other claims of all and any kind, including cost of investigation, attorney's fees and cost of appeals in any way connected with or to the property, known and unknown; and
  • Buyer acknowledges a full and complete understanding of all risks and dangers which use of the property involves, voluntarily assumes full responsibility and all risk related to the Property.